Welcome to Tennessee 3 Feet dot org!

This past legislative session marked a success of great importance for creating safer roads for all across the state of Tennessee. Entitled the Jeff Roth and Brian Brown Bicycle Protection Act of 2007, this bill designates a safe passing zone of three feet for motor vehicles when overtaking a bicycle on the roadway and classifies violation as a Class C misdemeanor.

With an increase in cycling across the state, it is imperative we all take steps to ensure each other's safety while on the road and this legislation helps to define at least one way for motor vehicles and cyclists to share the road, while increasing safety.

Tennessee 3 Feet dot org is a partnership of individuals and organizations dedicated to public education of the Jeff Roth and Brian Brown Bicycle Protection Act. We are pleased to offer the community this website. It is our intention to reach out to drivers and cyclists, thus bridging the gap of knowledge and understanding. Our mission is to bring about awareness of the law within the greater Nashville area and provide resources for other education partnerships across the state.

We are NOT here to preach about who belongs on the road. We are only here to help you understand the law and access information that could be helpful in educating your community. Please browse the site for more detailed information and feel free to access our documents for your own public awareness campaign.

For more information regarding use of our materials or questions regarding this effort, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The 3 Feet Team