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Share the Road with CARS!

  • If you can do it safely, hold up 3 fingers and smile to thank cars for passing you properly!  It's just a little 3-foot awareness you can pass along for free!  Eventually drivers will figure out what it means!
  • Get a 3-feet bumper sticker and put it on your car!  Ask your local club to buy some.  We make no money on any of these materials.

Sharing the Road: Cyclists

On the Road:
> The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists
> Obey all traffic control devices
> Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns other users

Always Wear a Properly Fitting Helmet:
> Wear a helmet, no matter how short the trip

Ride on the Right:
> Always ride in the same direction as traffic
> Use the furthest right lane that heads to your destination
> Slower moving cyclists and motorists stay to the right

Obey Traffic Laws!
  Ride Predictably:         
> Ride in a straight line
> Don't swerve in the road or between parked cars
> Check for traffic before entering street or intersection
> Anticipate hazards and adjust your position accordingly

Be Visible:
> Wear brightly colored clothing that provides contrast
> Use a white front light in low light conditions
> Use a red rear light in low light conditions
> Use a reflector or reflective tape or clothing anytime
> Announce yourself by making eye contact with motorists


What if a motor vehicle breaks the law?
If the unlawful pass causes an accident, make sure you call the police and remind the officer of the state law.  Always make sure you get the tag number, citation number and the officer's name.  Carry a piece of paper and a pen in your seat bag for these times.

If there's no accident, there's probably not much you  can do.  If a driver does something really dangerous, you need to get the tag number and vehicle description and report the event to the police.


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